Teenage Abuse

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Teen Abuse

Teen abuse

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teen abuse

Welcome to Teenage Abuse

Teenage Alcohol Abuse - An Overview

Even though drinking under the age of 18 is illegal in most countries, teenage alcohol abuse has assumed gigantic proportions in recent times. Unfortunately, there has been a paradigm shift in the moral values of teenagers. This has become so worrisome today that the U.S. department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has called for a coordinated action to prevent and reduce under age drinking. Boys and girls enter the exciting teenage phase when their lives are in a formative stage. In this period they are very impressionable and extremely susceptible to external influences. TeenageAbuse.net will let you know about all the factors that are influencing the lifestyles of the present day kids.

Some Alarming Facts

• A whopping 40% of the boys and girls in the age group of 10-12 years attempted or tasted their first alcoholic drink.
• 16 years is the average age at which teenage drinking becomes a regular affair in America.
• Nearly three million Americans are currently hard-core alcoholics.
• Teenage alcohol abuse is the primary cause of deaths related to traffic accidents, domestic and school violence, homicides, and even suicides.

TeenageAbuse.net provides interesting research data that has revealed how teenage alcohol abuse is associated with several mental health problems such as, depression, violent social behavior, extreme anxiety and even suicide.

Teenage Alcohol Prevention

We all need to know what role adults can play to prevent teenage drinking. Close family ties, understanding moods, and showering affection play an important part in shaping the lives of teenagers. For parents, TeenageAbuse.net provides helpful tips from well-known counselors who have successfully made a turnaround of extreme cases of alcohol addiction.


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